Somod Story Somod Story

Somod Story Somod Story





Somod Story

Somod has grown up in a home full of struggle and love of homeland .
Captive Somod Karagah has been captured while she was in the road of her university as the area was tense as a result of Israeli threats that they will enter Aqsa mosque and shot all people inside it .
Somod at one of checkpoint has stabbed an Israeli soldier injuring him moderately so they has captured her immedia

tely .
She has faced cruel and sever violation by occupation soldiers which has resulted serous wounds and bruises in all parts of her body .
She has suffered a lot since her capture because Israeli soldiers have used all kinds of physical and psychological torture against her putting her in a dungeon full of insects , spiders and dirt



.: لا يوجد استطلاعات رأي حاليا :.